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The easiest way to minimise costs related to infestation and subsequent damage, is to have a professional treat your property with the method that best suits your unique conditions.

If you have spotted signs of termites, we urge you not to disturb the area as this can cause them to retreat and reappear in another area, making treatment more difficult and more expensive. Halt the growing damage bill and start repairing today by utilising our third-party repayment options.


Treatment Plan

What a Treatment Plan will do for You

Putting your termite problem in the hands of a professional is the best decision you could possibly make for your property.

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Guaranteed Elimination

Termite-related damage warranties for up to 50 years

Protected Property Value

Termite damage will cause costly damage to your house and quickly reduce its dollar value

Peace of Mind

Get on with your life knowing your house is safeguarded against pesky, unwelcome visitors

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Who We Help

Our treatments help these types of customers defend their homes and businesses against termites, giving them the freedom and certainty to get on with their lives

Home Owners

Experienced and honest advice for those wanting to protect their most prized asset, their Gold Coast home

Property Managers

Quick and thorough termite eradication to keep rental properties habitable and producing income

Residential & Commercial Investors

A one-stop treatment and prevention service for investment property owners


How We Do It

The first step to effectively ridding your property of termites, is for one of our experienced technicians to assess the problem at length and identify the root cause. From this, we can then recommend the best method of treatment for your circumstances.


Remedial Termite Treatment

A method used to eradicate all termites from a building or structure. A termiticide foam that is toxic to termites is pumped directly into the termite infested areas. This foam spreads throughout the termite workings and effectively exterminates the infestation. The termiticide called Termidor is non-toxic to mammals – thats us humans and our pets.


Trelona Termite Control, Interception and Baiting System

This non-toxic alternative effectively baits termites and eliminates them on an ongoing basis year after year, with a solution that is less toxic to humans than regular table salt. The termites feed on the bait in the Stations, take it back and distribute it through the nest, destroying their own colony!

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We have the tailormade treatment plans and money-backed guarantees to ensure your property stays termite free

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