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Termite barriers are the only way to completely eliminate the risk of termite infestation to your home or business. We have 5 different types of termite barriers, each delivering complete protection for a unique set of circumstances from inside to out, for existing structures or new builds.

Your professionally-installed termite barrier comes with a damage cover of up to the value of $2,000,000. Be certain about the position of your home and worry about the cost when you can, by utilising our third-party repayment options.


Termite Barriers

What a Termite Barrier can do for You

Our inspections help each of these types of customers identify termite problems in their homes and businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions on how best to proceed

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Money Backed Protection

Enjoy certainty around the security of your property with reimbursement for termite damage costs up to $2 million

Increased Property Value

Whether building a new home or implementing a barrier on an existing structure, a professionally installed barrier is a great sell point or dollar-value add to house value

Peace of Mind

Live with assured confidence that your home or new extension is now protected, knowing that its value is enhanced with the installation of the barrier

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Who We Help

Our barriers help these types of customers identify and protect their homes or businesses, allowing them to value, renovate, sell and live with certainty

New Builds

Preconstruction termite management systems are installed at the very beginning of your new build and offer up to 50 years protection

Neighbours to Infestations

If termites have been identified in your street or nearby area, a barrier is crucial to ensuring that your home is 100% protected from termite infestation

Infested Properties

Once the termite infestation has been eradicated, professional protection is non-negotiable to ensure they do not re-infest

Investment Properties

Renovations or new constructions can be protected for up to 50 years with a barrier


How We Do It

We examine the property in great detail, inside and out by using thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, termatrac microwave radar detection units and borescopes


Chemical Perimeter Barrier

A chemical termite barrier is a preventative protection that comes with a termite-free guarantee when installed by one of our professionals. Creating the chemical barrier involves the digging of a trench around the perimeter of the building, flooding it with termiticide and filling it back in with treated soil to create a treated zone around the boundary of your home which will eliminate termite entry.


Camelleri Reticulation Barrier Booster

For added protection and prolonged security against termites, a reticulation pipe can be installed within the chemical barrier’s trenches. This pipe lays amongst the treated soil and offers the property owner a simple way to readminister the chemical solution and boost their protection, in the years to come.


Trelona Control: Interception & Baiting System

Trelona termite control system is a non-toxic, ongoing bait and kill method that utilises a bait that is less toxic to humans than regular table salt. This system would be ideal for properties where termites have been found in or nearby.


Termseal Preconstruction Barrier

Termseal is a physical and chemical barrier that’s permanently sealed into the foundations of new buildings or extensions. This barrier consists of a plastic membrane impregnated by a termiticide called Bifenthrin, a repellent chemical that kills termites on contact, and prevents concealed entry of termites into a property. This barrier comes with a warranty which guarantees protection for 50 years.


Termseal Preconstruction Termite & Waterproofing Barrier

Another option for preconstruction termite protection is Termseal, a multipurpose chemical and physical dual termite barrier and waterproofing compound. The chemical component is the termiticide ‘Bifenthrin’ in a polymer, a thick liquid that operates as both a termite barrier and a waterproof membrane. Termseal Multipurpose emulsion is the perfect application to termite proof and waterproof block retaining walls, shower recesses, and much more. Two applications in one!

Find the Best Treated Zone for Your Home and Rest Assured

Speak to one of our installation experts directly to discuss the best protection for your situation and you’ll soon be enjoying decades of money-backed anti termite security.

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