Kill All Bacteria, Virus Particles & Germs

Would you like to Keep Your Family
Safe from harmful bacteria, viruses
or other pathogens and greatly
reduce the risk of Coronavirus?

Pegasus Environmental
can Protect Your Loved Ones
by Misting your home's interior
and exterior with our Hospital Grade Disinfectant Sanitiser.

Would you like to Keep Your Family Safe from infection caused by harmful bacteria, viruses or other pathogens and greatly reduce the risk of Coronavirus? Pegasus Environmental can Protect Your Loved Ones by Misting your home's interior and exterior with our Hospital Grade Disinfectant Sanitiser.

Our treatment will destroy all bacteria, viruses, mould spores for up to 3 months. It will also Prevent Regrowth of mould and mildew with frequent application. Our product is not harmful and is unlikely to cause any discomfort or irritation.

We sanitise your home or business in under an hour.

Pegasus use Family and Pet Friendly Treatments

Free Guide Reveals

6 Tips To Reduce Your Property’s Termite Risk

DIY Steps That Will Cut Your Chances of an Infestation in HALF


Hospital-Grade Disinfectant is Your Best Defence

Putting your pest problem in the hands of a professional is the best decision you could possibly make for both your home and health

Quick Application

An entire home sanitising treatment takes less than an hour, with surfaces dry within minutes.
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Kill Every Germ, for 3 Months

Including all bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles that cause illness in humans or animals.

A Safe Product

Zero skin sensitivity, no surface abrasion, no hazardous components, non-ozone-depleting substances, no heavy metals, no chlorine & no volatile organic compounds.

Termite Treated Zones

What a Termite Treated Zone can do for You

Our inspections help each of these types of customers identify termite problems in their homes and businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions on how best to proceed

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Money Backed Protection

Enjoy certainty around the security of your property with reimbursement for termite damage costs up to $2 million

Increased Property Value

Whether building a new home or implementing a treated zone on an existing structure, a professionally installed treated zone is a great sell point or dollar-value add to house value

Peace of Mind

Live with assured confidence that your home or new extension is now protected, knowing that its value is enhanced with the installation of the treated zone

Who This Product Is Best Suited For

Our pest removal programs help these types of customers defend their homes and businesses against costly pest problems, allowing them to get on with their lives in peace

Home Owners

We can treat the interior & exterior of your home, without damaging or discolouring any wall or floor coverings, render or concrete

The Elderly & At-Risk

This product is hospital-grade and can safeguard a home against the spread of a virus, for those with compromised health.

Business Owners

Safe for food prep & packaging areas, slaughterhouses, cool rooms, bathrooms, stainless steel surfaces & equipment.

Hi, my name is Murray Waugh. 

If you, like most homeowners, get uncomfortable in your seat when the subject of termites comes up, then you understand the huge pile of money an infestation could cost you. Untreated termite problems can deem a house unsalvageable after just 5 years. 

5 years and the house you worked hard all these years to own is damaged beyond repair, all because you didn’t take simple precautions. We don’t want it to get to that stage and I can bet you don’t either.

We can install a termite treated zone once and your home will be covered against pest damage up to the value of $2 million.

Call us for a friendly no obligation conversation about how best to secure the future of your investment.

Murray Waugh
Founder of Pegasus Environmental 


How We Do It

Our first port of call in the pest control process is to investigate the problem and all contributing factors


Pre-Spray Sanitation

Before treating a property, we go around with disinfecting wipes and wipe all high traffic surfaces like taps, door handles, toilet seats etc.



Next, we proceed to systematically mist each room of the home or business thoroughly.



The non-sticky solution dries on its own within a few minutes, quicker with overhead fans.


Larger Areas

For larger spaces, such as warehouses or open-plan offices, we have high powered backpack equipment for distributing the solution more efficiently.

Book an Expert Today and Treat Your Home Tomorrow

We have the tailormade treatment plans and money-backed guarantees to ensure your property stays termite free

Take Action Now

Learn about ways to reduce your termite risk through our free ebook, a call with one of our termite & pest technicians or by booking a visit today

Free Termite Risk Reduction Guide

Learn the 6 steps
you can take yourself to minimise your property’s exposure

Ask an Expert

Have you spotted traces of a pest but aren’t sure whether it’s an ant or a termite? Phone us for an obligation-free info call, price estimate and we’ll help you solve the problem

Discount on Inspections

It’s time to take action! Book both a termite and pest inspection to receive a hefty discount on your bill. Finally, have that peace of mind you’ve been dreaming about.

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