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Get high-quality Pest Inspections & Treatment on the Gold Coast today!

A professionally conducted pest inspection is the essential first step in ensuring a clean and infestation-free house or business.

Your friendly technician will give you some handy tips on good house keeping practices which when combined with our comprehensive non-toxic treatment, will be a fully integrated pest management solution for you.

Pegasus use Family and Pet Friendly Treatments

We are environmentally friendly. You can trust us to be extra mindful of your family and pets. Our insect pest treatment utilises only Pyrethrum based, odourless components. The active ingredient in Pyrethrum is Pyrethrins and is derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. These Pyrethroids are very lethal to insect pests, but remarkably safe for humans and pets, making them the most natural option for properly treating these pests. Each type of insect or pest poses a unique set of challenges in removal. We regularly treat residential and commercial cases of insect pests – cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, fleas, bed bugs, wasps and bees (only if our bee man can’t relocate them), also rats, mice, birds and possums and are able to eradicate just about any other pest problem effectively. We also offer monthly instalments through our third-party provider, if a lump sum payment isn’t quite in the budget.


Treatment Plan

What a Treatment Plan
will do for You

Putting your pest problem in the hands of a professional is the best decision you could possibly make for both your home and the health of your family

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Guaranteed Elimination

Termite-related damage warranties for up to 50 years

Early Detection

Minimised costs in removing the pest, if found and treated early

Peace of Mind

Get on with your life knowing your house is safeguarded against pesky, unwelcome visitors

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Who We Help

Our pest removal programs help these types of customers defend their homes and businesses against costly pest problems, allowing them to get on with their lives in peace

Home Owners

Experienced and honest advice for those wanting to rid their home of insect pests with a human and pet-friendly treatment

Property Managers

Swift and thorough eradication and ongoing pest control to keep rental properties habitable and producing income

Investment property owners

A one-stop treatment, prevention and certified inspection service for investment property owners


If you are vacating your rented home or premises, ask Pegasus for a keenly priced 'end of lease pest treatment
Our inspection will locate all termite activity and fungal decay (wood rot) in these structures.


How We Do It

Our first port of call in the pest control process is to investigate the problem and all contributing factors

We carry out a comprehensive inspection of the interior, the roof void, the exterior and subfloor in your home as well as all other timber structures including sheds, fences, retaining walls and tree stumps

We examine the property in great detail using thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, termatrac microwave radar detection units and borescopes
We then provide a detailed report with photos of all of any pests identified, along with advice on how to reduce future risk and better protect your asset
We put together and carry out a tailored treatment plan after assessing the state of the infestation and effects on the home, that is guaranteed to deliver a zero-pest result
On completion of a fully integrated treatment, we back up our treatment with a $2 million manufactures warranty of up to 8 years.

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We have the tailormade treatment plans and money-backed guarantees to ensure your property stays termite free

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