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Given its temperate subtropical climate, the Tweed Heads region is somewhat of a hotbed for a wide variety of pest species. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Pest Control Tweed Heads’, then you’ve come to the right place! To address pest invasions, infestations and even infrequent incursions, you need the assistance of a Tweed Heads pest control specialist. Here at Pegasus Pest Control we seek to provide the entire Tweed region with the best possible pest control service. Our highly trained experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which enables them to provide you with the fastest and most effective pest control solutions. Call us today and find out why more and more people are choosing Pegasus Pest Control.


The pest management requirements of any region are dependant upon a number of factors. The unique environment of Tweed Heads necessitates an appropriately customised approach to pest control and this is something we have considered in depth here at Pegasus Pest Control Tweed Heads. Outlined below, are two critical factors that we take into account when managing the pests in and around the Tweed region:

A specific approach is necessary when dealing with a specific type of pest – it is not sufficient to simply apply the same techniques used in rodent management, to a situation in which ants or cockroaches are the issue. Tweed Heads and its surrounds are afflicted with a considerable population of pest species and of this population; rodents, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, lice and several more are pervasive. Even worse is the ever-present treat of ‘Termites Gold Coast‘ and the damage they can cause. This is something we recognise at Pegasus Pest Control Tweed Heads and we have taken steps to ensure that our range caters to the extensity of pest species that reside within the tweed area. Specifically we maintain a state of the art array of diagnosis tools, which includes thermal imaging equipment, boroscopes, moisture meters and more. To complement our advanced diagnostics capacity, our experienced operators utilise pesticides that are at the forefront of industry quality, thus allowing us to not only accurately pinpoint the species at the crux of your problem but also address it.

Many of the abovementioned pest species will become more active at differing points throughout the year. This is primarily attributable to seasonal variation and it is the disparate temperatures and weather patterns that can often see a vast increase in pest activity throughout your home. For example, the cooler months of the year – late autumn and winter – often cause an increase in rodents throughout residential areas and there is a very simple reason for this. Just as your home provides you with the shelter necessary to live comfortably, it provides rodents and other pests with the warmth and protection necessary to nest and even thrive. This means that there will invariably be several pest hotspots throughout a standard house and here at Pegasus Pest Control Tweed Heads, we recognise this and have taken steps to address it. Firstly, we are able to detect any pest activity within even the most inaccessible areas of your home. Following this, we have a multitude of means by which to precisely and effectively apply our treatments at no detriment to the health of you or your family.


Here at Pegasus Pest Control, we recognise that by virtue of their nature, pesticides are often quite harsh chemical substances. It is with this in mind, that we have sought far less invasive alternatives to these potentially harmful pesticide substances. The result of our search is a pesticide of natural origins, which was sourced from the family of Pyrethroids – extracts of the Chrysanthemum flower. Similarly, some of the termite baits we employ are no more harmful to people than ordinary table salt and this ensures the upmost in health and safety for you and your family. In addition, all of our pesticides are authorised by the department of health and are known to be safe to use around not only people but also pets.

Given our dedication to our customers and the environment, we ensure that our highly skilled experts apply all pest treatments in the safest possible manner and with great consideration for the health and wellbeing of not only you and your family, but also the environment. Our pest management specialists operate tirelessly to evolve with industry standards and always remain ahead of the curve. This extends to their depth of knowledge surrounding the recommended procedures by which to administer all pest treatments. As such, all of our pest treatments are applied in accordance with the relevant industry and Australian standards.


We at Pegasus Pest Control accept that there are two primary elements to providing the best possible pest management – service and results. We offer our valued customers the best in pest control, as well as the ultimate in service and dedication to our clients. All of our customers have the opportunity to contact us for a free consultation. Our experienced operators are punctual and will always arrive to your job on time, whilst ensuring that all work is conducted in a neat and tidy manner. Further to this, we offer all of our customers cheerful follow up service, so as to ensure that all treatments were successful and address any remnant issues. All of our pest control solutions are backed by a twelve-month warranty and this means that if your pest problem returns within this time period, we will return to fix it.



Pegasus Gold Coast pest inspections tweed heads will establish conclusively for you, an outline of any pest activity within your property and how best to address it. Environmentally friendly pest control Services.


Here at Pegasus Pest Control, our commitment to quality is unrivalled. We have identified the needs and requirements of Tweed Heads and its surrounds, before tailoring our services to cater for all these and more. The dynamic environment posed by the climatic features of the Tweed region allows pests to flourish and we have advanced our range of solutions to account for this. We offer you the most accurate diagnostic services in the region and upon uncovering the underlying pest issues within your home; we have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide our clients with an effective and precise solution. Our results are a testament to the proficiency of our pest control specialists and we will undoubtedly have a solution for your pest related problems. Call Pegasus Pest Control Tweed Heads today on (07) 5522 0089 and take the first step to a pest free home!

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