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Pegasus Gold Coast Pest Inspection Experts Since 1996


Burleigh Heads and its surrounds are situated in South East Queensland – an area renowned for its warm subtropical climate. Unfortunately it is inevitable within any area of this climatic nature, that pest species will be prevalent. With an abundance of vegetation and rich, nutrient-laden soil meeting the expansive residential developments of the Burleigh region, there is a multitude of pest species that are able to thrive. The more prominent of these include rodents, termites, silverfish, spiders and insects, however for every pest you see there are hundreds you don’t! If you’ve been searching online for ‘Pest Control Burleigh Heads’, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Pegasus Pest Control Gold Coast, we recognise the threat posed by pests to all homes in and around Burleigh Heads and we have taken active steps to enable ourselves to manage your pest issues with the highest possible margin of success.


At Pegasus Pest Control, we have had almost twenty years experience servicing the needs of Burleigh Heads. During this time, we have witnessed first hand the devastation that pests are capable of causing and we have evolved with the dynamic nature of the industry to account for this. Our expert pest control specialists have a wealth of expertise and experience that is unrivalled – they have an intrinsic knowledge of how best to address all issues of pest management. There are a number of features that place us at a distinct advantage in the pest control industry and several of the more pertinent of these are outlined below.

Arguably one of the most important stages of pest control is diagnosis. It is not feasible to address a pest issue without first knowing the source of the issue and the specific species that is responsible. Unfortunately, diagnosis is not always a straightforward affair – almost all pests favour rather inaccessible areas in which to nest and by virtue of their nature, pests often operate in a manner such that they cannot be detected by untrained individuals until it is too late. This is something we are well aware of at Pegasus Pest Control and in an effort to address this, we provide our skilled specialists with some of the most advanced diagnostic technology in the industry. We employ this technology during the initial stages of the process, so as to ascertain precisely what pests are infesting your home and where they might be sourced. Some of this technologically advanced equipment includes thermal imagine cameras, Heinemann boroscopes, radar detection units, moisture meters and more. Collectively, these tools enable us to locate pests in even the most unreachable parts of your home and in identifying this; we are then able to tailor the perfect pest control solution for you.

Given the purpose of pesticides; namely to kill pests, they are occasionally harmful to people. Here at Pegasus Pest Control, your safety and the safety of your family is our foremost priority and as such, we have eliminated the use of harmful and dangerous pesticides in favour of far less invasive, but just as effective alternatives. These alternative pesticides have natural origins – in fact they are of the Pyrethroid family, which is sourced from extracts of the Chrysanthemum flower. These are known to be relatively harmless to all mammals, whilst still maintaining their capacity to exterminate pests with great effect. Our Burleigh Heads pest control products are safe for your family, including your pets and are authorised by the Department of Health. Our experienced experts apply all pest treatments in the safest possible way and you can rest assured that you will remain fully informed throughout all stages of the process. In utilising the latest recommended procedures through which to apply pest treatments, we not only ensure your wellbeing, but also that of the environment.

The pest control process is somewhat of a technical one and for this reason you ought to seek only the most qualified and proficient operators. Here at Pegasus Pest Control Burleigh, we ensure that all of our pest management specialists are highly trained and capable of tailoring a solution that will remedy your pest issues in a timely and effective manner. We understand that every pest related problem is different and we approach every job on its merit – it would be inappropriate to treat a rodent infestation in the same way as an insect issue, for example. Our operators work concurrently with you, the homeowner, to establish an accurate and precise solution that works for you. A testament to the skill and attention to detail of our pest control experts is our membership with Master Builders Queensland. Not only does this represent our unfaltering dedication to quality, but it also enables us to provide you with the highest standard of installation for your pest barriers, at the most competitive prices.


Here at Pegasus Pest Control Burleigh, we strive to remain at the forefront of pest control in the Burleigh Heads area. To do this, we have crafted a range of products and services that ensure that you, our client, gets the best possible outcome. Our pest management procedures are extensive and we offer services that will aid in your pest management, irrespective of the size or duration of your problem. We begin our process with a free consultation, during which we can inform you of some of your options. We can then progress to the diagnostic stage in which we are able to inspect your property and establish precisely what pests are causing issues and where they can be found. Finally, we have an advanced range of pest control options with which to effectively target all pest species that afflict Burleigh Heads. Each stage of our process is designed specifically to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and this is something that places us ahead of our competitors


We accept that achieving the optimum results in pest control is only half of our duty – the other half is to ensure that our customers are receiving the upmost in service. For this reason, we offer all of our customers a free consultation and quote to explain your options. As well as this, our expert Burleigh pest control specialists maintain the highest standard of punctuality – they arrive to your job on time – and ensure that their workmanship is both neat and tidy. To affirm our commitment to customer service and results, we offer cheerful follow up service and all of our work is backed by a twelve-month warranty; essentially if your pest issue returns within one year, then so will we.



Pegasus Gold Coast pest inspections burleigh heads will establish conclusively for you, an outline of any pest activity within your property and how best to address it. Environmentally friendly pest control Services.