Concerned Your Home Might Experience Termite Infestation?


Concerned Your Home Might Experience Termite Infestation?

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Sleep easy, our termite treated zones come with a warranty of up to $2 million dollars worth of associated damage


Our pest treatments are natural, plant-derived, making them completely safe for your family and pets but lethal to insect pests
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Whether looking to buy, sell or simply be rest assured, each of our inspections are carried out comprehensively by a qualified technician

Hi, my name is Murray Waugh. 

If you, like most homeowners, get uncomfortable in your seat when the subject of termites comes up, then you understand the huge pile of money an infestation could cost you. Untreated termite problems can deem a house unsalvageable after just 5 years. 

5 years and the house you worked hard all these years to own is damaged beyond repair, all because you didn’t take simple precautions. We don’t want it to get to that stage and I can bet you don’t either.

We can install a termite treated zone once and your home will be covered against pest damage up to the value of $2 million.

Call us for a friendly no obligation conversation about how best to secure the future of your investment.

Murray Waugh
Founder of Pegasus Environmental 


What We Do


Quick and Thorough Professional Assessments

A termite infestation can cost your home or business more and more every month it goes undetected. Did you know that in less than 4 to 5 years, a house can be damaged beyond repair?

We carry out a comprehensive termite inspection of the interior, the roof void, the exterior and subfloor in your home as well as all other timber structures including sheds, fences, retaining walls and tree stumps. We then provide a detailed report with photos of all timber pests identified as well as any conducive conditions around your home which might attract termites, along with advice on how to reduce future risk and better protect your most important asset.

Custom Removal Solutions


Every infestation is unique. Our qualified team of specialists design a comprehensive termite treatment solution that will ensure these voracious timber pests are eradicated from your home or premises and allow you to sleep easy in the knowledge that they will never again be a threat.

Has a termite infestation caught you off-guard? We utilise third-party repayments to enable you to deal with the problem now and pay later.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Plans

The removal of pest infestations can be more difficult with each month that passes. Our experts carry out examinations in accordance with the Australian standard, meaning your property is protected and certified for sale, purchase or dwelling.

Our pest insect treatments are environmentally friendly and are Pyrethrum-based, meaning they’re completely safe for use around your family and pets.

Our third-party repayment option allows you to thoroughly rid your home of pests without dipping into the savings.


The Germ & Virus-Free Solution

Our industrial-strength sanitising mist kills all germs, bacteria and disease particles throughout your home or business for up to 3 months. The single treatment is safe for food preparation area, pets and on all surfaces. This hospital-grade treatment ensures a stop to the spread of any unwelcome viruses and bacteria.

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