Book a building or pest inspection from only $243!*+gst

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The inspections will be conducted by 2 separate people, so you will have 2 pairs of eyes to ensure nothing is missed!

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We will conduct a thorough building and pest inspection and ensure you’re buying the perfect home! Guaranteed!


Book a building & pest inspection from only $243!*+gst

Or book both from $486 +gst

Offer ends soon

The inspections will be conducted by 2 separate people, so you will have 2 pairs of eyes to ensure nothing is missed!

We will conduct a thorough building and pest inspection and ensure you’re buying the perfect home! Guaranteed!

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Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspection

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast services by Pegasus Environmental . Whether you are buying a property, selling your property, or simply engaged in the upkeep of your home or business, regular Gold Coast pest and building inspection are vital. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in offering a full Gold Coast building and pest inspection to our clients throughout the Gold Coast region. Two sets of eyes are better that one!’ Two inspectors will arrive at the property and work side by side. Our fully licensed and insured Gold Coast termite inspectors will carry out a thorough timber pest inspection in accordance with Australian standard AS4349.3. This will definitively uncover for you any termite infestation, termite damage, wood rot and borer activity, as well as the presence of any termite prevention systems in the property. Additionally, a fully licenced and insured Gold Coast building inspector will carry out a comprehensive and rigorous inspection to the extent stipulated by Australian standard AS4349.1-2007, so as to identify any building defects or structural issues that may be of concern to you. If you’re been searching online for ‘Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast‘ or ‘Building Inspection Gold Coast‘, Pegasus Environmental is your ideal choice.

Benefits of Using a Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Professional

Building inspections and pest inspections are two distinct examinations – both of which are aimed at uncovering separate issues. What many of these inspectors fail to realise however, is that quite often the issues that are consequent of pest infestations and structural damage or inconsistencies are somewhat connected. For example, a Gold Coast termite invasion in a home with timber fittings or foundations will invariably result in the types of damage that are uncovered by building inspectors – a typical homeowner would pursue a building inspection upon uncovering a pest issue of this nature. At Pegasus Environmental, we recognise this and in an effort to ensure the best, most accurate report, we have combined these two inspections and made them available to our valued customers. Remember, we provide you with Two Sets of Eyes, not just one! Outlined below, are some of the many instances in which a pest and building inspection would be prudent.

The Pegasus Pest and Building Inspection Gold Coast Advantage

As with any service, not all pest or building inspections are conducted with the same quality and diligence. Here at Pegasus Environmental, we seek to provide you with the most effective and accurate pest and building inspections in the Gold Coast region. We do this by offering a number of features that are not offered by many of our competitors and some of these distinguishing features are listed below.

What Makes Our Building Inspections & Pest Inspection Gold Coast So Comprehensive​

We ensure that our services are at the forefront of the industry. To guarantee this, we have developed a method of inspection that is unrivalled within the Gold Coast area. Arguably our strongest advantage is our two highly experienced inspection specialists who, combined, have in excess of forty years experience. Our expert inspectors use State of the Art inspection equipment and combine these excellent tools with their wealth of experience and expertise.
This is not the only of our advantages however. Our Gold Coast pest and building inspections are a far more effective and convenient alternative to the more widely offered inspections that are restricted solely to pest inspections or building inspections. In performing these two inspections simultaneously, our experts are able to track the causes of pest infestations and the damage consequent thereof, for a more detailed and thorough examination of your property. In addition to our dedication to quality, we are committed to providing the best possible service. Our inspectors will explain to you each step of the process and in fact, you are invited to accompany them as they investigate the condition of your home and the pests therein. This creates a situation in which you are fully aware of each aspect of the property with the added insight of two skilled professionals.

Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast - Why Bother?!

The outcome and reports provided by our Pest and Building Inspectors may affect your decision to buy that property, or walk away! Did you know some lenders will not proceed with a mortgage application without a Building & Pest Inspection Report?Building and pest inspection are vital in maintaining an extensive knowledge of your home’s condition and the presence of any pests in your living space or the living space of a home you wish to purchase. Pest can inflict immeasurable damage on any building and quite often, they will be undetected until it is too late. To remain on top of such issues, we advise annual or biannual inspections – depending on where your property is situated. Our inspections cover the typical areas in which damage or pests may be present, as well as the areas in which such factors might be more hidden. We cover the exterior and interior of your home, including roof voids, subfloors, fences, retaining walls and even tree stumps. This is all necessary to ensure that your home or business is in optimum condition and pest and building inspections are a prudent undertaking when purchasing or selling a house – they effectively safeguard your investment against any unforeseen issues.

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If you are vacating your rented home or premises, ask Pegasus for a keenly priced 'end of lease pest treatment
Our inspection will locate all termite activity and fungal decay (wood rot) in these structures.

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